My name is Denise Worisch and I have been working with Photoshop for almost 15 years. It’s not just a job, it’s a passion for art and beauty. My biggest concern is to make the client satisfied, trying to translate into images what the author wants in his cover. The versatility must be our brand because we serve authors of diverse genres and taste. In the process of making the cover I try to capture what the author wants and when they ask me I give my opinion but only when requested because I do not want my taste to excel to the taste of the author. I think some technical opinions are relevant but the author always decides. Quality is essential. Patience I do not lack to meet and understand the author. I believe that the clearer the author can express what he wants, the closer the result will be. It is very gratifying to see the author’s joy at the result I present to them.

All the covers I make use only commercially purchased images with no copy limits. Most of my characters are models rendered in Daz by myself. See http://dwbookcovers.com/working-with-daz/. This allows me to make the character in any position with super cool clothes.

We work with real models, with Daz characters (which can be modeled according to the author’s need). In daz you can change clothes, position etc. In addition to an immense amount of clothes both modern and period.